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Mengxing MFC9070!!! New Develop 3 Stations Thermoforming Machine

Because of the market demand, plastic thermoforming machine and business of food packaging both have a good opportunity to develop at this time. Shantou Mengxing Package Machinery Co., LTD designs a new generation of high-capacity thermoforming machine MFC9070.

With more than 20 years’ experience in thermoforming field, and amount of feedbacks from our customers’ practice,MFC9070 will display a main role in our product line in the next few years.

The main features of the machine:
1.900mm*700mm big forming area.
2.Max. sheet width is 940mm, Sheet feeding length is 700mm.
3.Base on the former system,we add a more reliable gas-off protection function to our automatic mold locking system.
4.Moreover, the quick mold changing system is also added, which records the position data of each station by electronic ruler. It can record and save the production parameters of each mold. And it is compatible with our former model machine. The changing time of this system is about 20 minutes, and it improve the efficiency of production greatly.
5.The mold locking force is 80 tons, cutting force is 90 tons. It’s suitable for big forming area and cutting needs.
6.The forming mold is more flexible. It can be installed with servo plug assist. The forming station has the Gate Cut in Mold function, which will help customers to cut the cost, therefore they can easily choose different mold making process by their needs.
7.The stacking station contains multi-function. Depends on different needs of different customers, downward stacking or manipulator stacking are both available to be chosen.
8.We have a invention patent of heating oven. It can help the oven move closely to the forming mold,which improves the security level of production. The preheater is optional. It can provide at least 6 times longer in heating length than before and improve the production efficiency and forming effect of thick sheet.

As a professional thermoforming machine factory established in 1998, we have thermoforming expertise to design and manufacture professional grade thermoforming machine for different plastic package factory. Our fully automatic thermoforming machinery solutions offer extensive advantages, including structural stability, testability, cost efficiency, and control accuracy effectively. We welcome you to leave machine requirements here. Thank you!

Post time: Oct-30-2022