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XC46-71/122A-CWP Automatic High-speed Vacuum Forming Machine

Short Description:

1.680x1200mm vacuum forming area;
2.Max depth 200mm;
3.Fastest 12 cycles/min running with PET/PS sheet. (Not dry running)

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The machine is suitable for making thin-wall open packaging containers of various sizes with rolled sheet under high-speed vacuum suction molding processing. The products produced by this machine can be used for packaging of food, local products, tourism products, textiles, medical care, toys, cosmetics, electrical components and daily hardware.

Structure Features

1. The machine combines mechanical, pneumatic and electrical integration and is completely controlled by a computer. Touch Screen easy operation.
2. Variable frequency feeding drive, stepless length adjustment, accurate, stable and high-speed feeding. (Max Feeding Speed 1000mm /per second)
3. Temperature control system, full computer intelligent temperature control, short heating time (only 3 minutes for 0-400 degrees); Stable (not affected by external voltage, temperature fluctuation is less than 1 degree); Low power consumption 15%, far infrared ceramic heater longer life.
4. The heater has a deflection structure, when the sheet width is ≤ 580mm. It can reduce power consumption by 16%.
5. Heating Temperature control, control heater 1 by 1 , Touch Screen input , mini-adjustment precision and heating temperature uniformity .
6. Advance feeding with automatic memory function of heating time, the machine can start production from the first feeding
7. Two-step vacuum, Two time of up-mold, Mold Shaking Function, Mold delay.
8. The electric stroke adjustment of the upper and lower mold is easy to adjust when the mold are matched, which can improve the molding accuracy and the quality of the finished products.
9. Back acting plate position motor adjust.
10. The upper/lower mold are matched in the buffer to avoid buffering and improve the matching speed.
11. Up/down Guiding Leader with self-lubrication bearing couple. stable production and durable structure ,it could assure the high quality of finished products.
12. Heaters with moving-out structure, could move out under the malfunction situation, it could save the sheet materials.
13. Cylinder Sheet Loading structure, easy for operation.
14. Cutting unit with double clamping cutting function, could produce Male/Female and various different of products slide cutting.
15. Movement Guide Pole, easily stack.

Technical Components

Touch Screen Monitor( 10.4 “ inch /Color ) Taiwan Delta
PLC Taiwan Delta
Inverter 3.7Kw Taiwan Delta
Encoder Japan
Vacuum Pump   Germany Busch
Cylinder China
Pneumatic Japan SMC & Korea Sanwo
Adjust Sprayer Meiji
Fan Blower (4*0.37Kw) China Manda
Contactor Germany,Siemens
Thermo relay Germany,Siemens
Middle relay Germany, Weidmuller
Impulse Solid State Relay Joint Venture
Mold Tray 430-680mm adjustable water cooling base
Heater 60 Pcs Far Infrared Ray Heaters
Upper Heater 60 Zone ( 1 control 1 )Section Adjust , Digital input

Technical Parameter

Suitable Sheet Width(mm) 460-710
Thickness(mm) 0.1-1.2
Max Roll Sheet (mm) 600
Up Mould Stroke (mm) 400
Down Mould Stroke(mm) 300
Max Forming Area(mm2) 680×1200
Max Forming Height Protruding(mm) 200
Max Forming Height Concave(mm) 150
Capacity (Cycle/min) 4-12
Cooling Outlet Outlet 4 PCS
Spray 8 PCS
Air Source Air Vol. (m3/min) ≥2
Pressure(MPa) 0.8
Water Consumption 4-5 Cube/Hr
Vacuum Pump ( Outlay ) Busch  R5 0100
Power Supply 380V/ 220V 50Hz  3Phase 4 line
Heater Power(Kw) 30
General Power Max(Kw) 37
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 8070×1656×2425
Weight(kg) 4700


More than 20 years experience:More than 20 years experience on vacuum forming and auto pressure and vacuum forming machine.

4.5000m² workshop:Committed to the research and development of plastic thermoforming package equipment

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